The farm "Tenuta Torre Raone" is located in Abruzzo, on the sunny hills of Loreto Aprutino (PE) at 350 meters above sea level, on the borders of the National Park Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga in the neighborhood of the Natural Oasis Lake of Penne. The company was taken over in 1997 by two friends, not yet forty, the nearby village Tollo, Luciano Di Tizio and Antonio D'Emilio, the first and the second farmer agronomist. The Estate , with an area of 35 hectares, under the Organic Farming Certified ICEA. It has grown to 30 hectares of vineyards and 3 hectares of olive groves on land particularly suited and able to enhance the organoleptic characteristics of the Montepulciano d'Abruzzo. Cultivation techniques, research aimed at continuous quality improvement, allow the achievement of yields well below the limits set by the product. At the center of the estate stands a fortress that dominates the surrounding area, called Torre Raone, in honor of Raone from Poliano who ordered its construction in the eleventh century. At that time Loreto Aprutino was dominated by the Normans, in fact Raone from Poliano was one of the descendants of Tancredi Duke of Normandy, owner of a small fiefdom in Hauteville, on the English Channel. The Normans arrived in Italy to help the city of the peninsula to rid by the Byzantines. The winery was built in 2006, in which all the grapes are processed and turned into wine (Organic), with a current production of more or less 100,000 bottles sold in Italy and abroad.


Tenuta Torre Raone

Via Scannella, 65014
Loreto Aprutino PE, Italia